Double the Space in your Closet!

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Closet Organization

Do you need tips to help with your closet organization? Maybe you have clothes you no longer want or can wear. Or perhaps that linen closet is overflowing with lots of old or unused linen. Possibly, you use your closet for storage of files or a hideaway of random other items. If you have any of these issues, continue reading to find out some great tips to help with organizing your closet.

Lighten Up Your Closet Space

This is an important step when organizing your closet. Empty everything out of your closet and PURGE.Take some time and go through your closet to determine if all of the items are indeed needed. When is the last time you used the item? If it’s been more than a few months, consider donating it, tossing or selling it. A great way to be honest with yourself on this is to turn all of your hangers backward. Set yourself a time frame by months, maybe three months. As you wear the items, hang them back in the closet with the hook turned your usual way. All hangers facing the opposite way means it’s time to get rid of those items.

Space Savers

Now that you’ve lightened up space you can begin looking at different ways to use your closet space more efficiently. You can then add some shelves, hanging organizers or cubbies to your closet to keep things nicely organized and accessible to you.

Group Like Items

Grouping like items together is another great tip for closet organization. By grouping all of your towels together on one shelf will make it easier for everyone in your home to find. When you put items back in your wardrobe closet be sure to hang all shirts together, put skirts/pants together, etc., it will make life easier to find what you need.

How Is Your Closet Configured

Take a look at your closet and ask yourself if it works for your needs? Does your closet need additional shelves or rods? Maybe you can add a bottom rod to hang shirts or possibly you could use more space between shelving in your linen closet.

Quality vs. Quantity

Purchase fewer items. Keep fewer things in your closet by thinking about spending the same amount of money on quality items vs. paying less for more items. This alone will free up lots space.

Relocate Items’ Home

Do you use your closet for odds and ins? Instead of using your closet space for storage, find a new home for those keepsake items. Storage bins are great or maybe use your attic space.

Seasonal Items

If you have a small area to work with or you just have a lot of clothing for each season, try only having the current season items in the closet. You can use storage bins or garmentbags to store out of season items until it’s time to use them again.


Matching your hangers is a great tool when organizing your closet. You can use a variety of hangers based on colors and/or material. You can hang shirts on one type/color, dress slacks on another, jeans on another, etc. Hangers can be a great visual tool.

Put these great tips into play and help get your closet organized today.

4 DIY Jobs You should hire Professional

DIY Lighting

Do you ever wonder when you should hire a professional to get the job done around your home? Well, let us tell you a few times you should.

Installing New Lighting
Everyone wants to save a little money, but messing with the electrical system can be dangerous. A professional electrician knows the ins and outs of the electrical system and knows how to turn off all live power to the source being worked on. They also will ensure there is no overloading of the electrical system that could result in popping breakers or even worse, fires. Safety first!

Low Water Pressure
Oh, boy. Have you ever tried taking a shower and run water in another room or do a load of laundry at the same time and the water just isn’t coming out strong enough? This is due to low water pressure. Low water pressure could be a result of several things. From something as simple as a bunch of gunk gathered in the aerator or to something more severe as an eroded water line or fractured pipe. Anything plumbing deserves hiring a professional.

Wall Removal
Remodeling your home is always exciting and fun, but let’s talk about why you should hire a professional to remove your walls when expanding your rooms. A contractor can determine if the wall you are about to knock down to extend that beautiful living room is load bearing. Meaning…is this wall supporting the weight of the ceiling? Removing a load bearing wall can cause harm or increase your cost even more. If you are just removing wallpaper or paint, of course, you can make that a fun project for the entire family.

Clogged Sink Pipes
Clogged sink pipes happen. The first thought is hair or maybe a toy down the drain. But pipes aren’t always that simple to unclog and require a professional. When you a hire a professional to check out a clogged pipe, they understand the importance of turning off the water source, dismantling and reassembly of the pipes.

DIY projects are a great way to save money, but there are just some projects that you should hire a professional to do. It will save you money in the long run.